Photo Gallery

Bishop Holloway's Visit Bishop Holloway's Visit Tables are set and ready! 124526430 A Welcome for the Bishop and guests! 124526432 Bishop Holloway enjoys his meal! Bishop Callon Holloway Jr.(center) seated across from Pastor Haldon Robarge enjoys his meal and conversation with Pastor Hal and other members of Trinity. 124526433 Good food, good friends, and good conversation! The Obringers chat with Roxanne Groff. 124526429 Flower vases on doilies from P&S quilters. Tables were decorated with flower vases on doilies made by Linda Baker from the Prayers and Squares quilt ministry. 124526431 The Myers Family and Kate Burrell/Toutwine Seated are Rick and Nonnie (with Aiden),Aubrey (to Rick's right) Ashton and Autumn are not pictured. Standing is Kate Burrell-Troutwine. 124526434 Candid Camera! Trinity Council President Dean Thompson seated across from daughter Shannon Ressler and a surprised Rose Lucas. 124526435